The Next SUPER Exciting Friday & CRAZY Saturday/Sunday!

Join us every Fridays in Dragon Saga with Super Friday! When midnight arrives, the fun begins, and lasts throughout the entire day!

What’s more? If you miss Super Freaking Friday, don’t worry! We’re having AWESOME Saturday with the same schedule too! Therefore, you won’t miss SUPER Friday since we’re having the same schedule on Saturday too! FINALLY Sunday, we’re having 2X+ EXP for you to reach the max level with your character!




Friday = 0:00 - 23:59

2.3X EXP

Saturday = 0:00 - 23:59

2.4X EXP

Sunday = 0:00 - 23:59

2.3X EXP

And don't forget! Enchant success rate is doubled for both weapon and shield armor during this week. Get your armor to +20 before event ends!