SUPER Great Friday & AWESOME Saturday/Sunday!

Join us every Fridays in Dragon Saga with Super Friday! When midnight arrives, the fun begins, and lasts throughout the entire day!

What’s more? If you miss Super Freaking Friday, don’t worry! We’re having AWESOME Saturday with the same schedule too! Therefore, you won’t miss SUPER Friday since we’re having the same schedule on Saturday too! FINALLY Sunday, we’re having 2X+ EXP for you to enjoy leveling so you can hit the new Level Cap!




Friday = 0:00 - 23:59

2.1X EXP + 1.5X Gold Acquired From Monsters!

Saturday = 0:00 - 23:59

2.4X EXP + 1.5X Gold Acquired From Monsters!

Sunday = 0:00 - 23:59

2.4X EXP + 1.5X Gold Acquired From Monsters!

The community managers will host a variety of boosting events to help you level up and get better drops!

We will be having a Sale on these items ::

  • Cupid Bow(200) - Sale Price (100)
  • Ribbon-ed Fork (200) - Sale Price (100)
  • Love Bag (200) - Sale Price (100)
  • Heart Glasses (150) - Sale Price (100)
  • Soulcraft Randomizer(10) - Sale Price (15) for (300)
  • Perfect Hunch(100) now (150) - Sale Price (15) for (500)

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