Design your Own Costume!

*Image Incoming*

It's time to pick up your pens or styluses and create your own masterpiece! Always wanted to see a certain outfit or design in the BigWheel/MixBoard lineup? Want to be known forever for having YOUR work of art proudly displayed on players in-game? Want me to stop asking questions? Well, now it's your time to shine artists! We are looking for your works of art to be displayed for this Fall and possibly Winter. YOUR design could be created and displayed for everyone to see!

How do I submit my entry?

  • Please create a new thread with the subject line being In-game name costume name. (EX: AgentMeow's Purrfect Custome)
  • In the thread please include the following: Costume Name, Description of how you would verbally describe the costume, and "2013" at the end of the Title Thread.
  • Costumes must be ORIGINAL design, but inspiration can come from anywhere. (Please do not submit Copyrighted work, Dragon Saga related material is fine for inspiration but drawing must be original)
  • Drawing of costumes must be from at least three angles (front/back and side view), and in color.
  • You can submit as many entries as you would like, however only one entry can win.
  • The larger the image is the easier it is to see the detail, hand drawn is fine, but must be scanned into a computer pic format (jpg, png etc). We do have photoshop so PSD can be accepted. If you are a 3d minded person and prefer to work in that mode, please just take a system screenshot of the model in the program and use the photo as the basis for judging.

Entries will be due no later then October 5th, 2013!

10 of the entries will be chosen by our GM/CM team and the top 10 will be taken down to 3. Those top 3 will be chosen by YOU! The Finalists will be chosen by the GM/CM once again.

Will can I win?

If you are in the Top 10
  • X10 W-Coin
  • 300pts worth of Item Mall Prizes!
    • The Top 3 Designs will win
    • If and when the costumes are created you'll receive a free version of Costume you've created.
    • X10 W-Coin
    • 1800pts worth of Item Mall Prizes!
    • Free Costume of your choice! (Restrictions may apply)

    • Click here to submit your entry! Good Luck!