Sweet Rewards Event

Cookie Factory is back and love isn't the only thing in the air! Yamaki is back in town and he's looking for brave Dragon Fellowship members to venture into the Cookie Factory and claim some sweet sweet rewards!

Event Details:
-Login event:
Human(lv20+) and Dragonkin(lv25+) characters receive event items every 30 minutes after login.

Event Items:
-Ticket to Chocolate Storage (F7)
-Ticket to Chocolate Meister's house (F6)
-Valentine's Login Gasha

- Cookie Factory Quests
Starting NPC: at Port of Winds

Reward Items:
Recipes for following items:
Lollipop: 120% EXP for 30 minutes
Chocolate: 130% EXP for 30 minutes
Chocolate Pie: 160% EXP for 30 minutes
Biscuit: 190% EXP for 30 minutes

Begins: 02/14/2013
Ends: 02/26/2013(Maintenance)