Worlds Collide Update Events

Worlds Collide Update Events

Orc Field Participation Event:
All characters that complete Orc Field Dungeon will receive a Golden Key (used to open special Gasha boxes ingame) the following day, runs completed Friday-Sunday will receive keys Monday. One qualifying character will be randomly selected to win a Pecopeco Mount Egg. (Exclusive: not available ingame or item mall yet!)

Golden Key Sale Event:
Purchase a Golden Key from the Item Mall for a chance to win a Valkyrie Set Gasha Box. (1 random piece of the set item, grade of item is dependent on character level) Drawings will take place daily (Drawings Friday-Sunday will be pulled on Monday).

Valkyrie Set Event:
All characters that complete the Valkyrie Set during the first week will receive 500 IM points. (Once per account, character must be able to wear all pieces to qualify). Each qualifying character will be entered into a raffle to receive an additional 5000 IM Point reward! (Winner to be chosen during maintenance)

Begins: 9/12/2012 (After Maintenance)
Ends: 9/18/2012,