Daily Achievement Challenge

Achievements and Medals not only satifying to obtain but a great what to show your friends what you have accomplished. Starting July 25th through the month of August, each day we'll be setting a daily Achievement Challenge, complete and we'll mail you a special gift!

How to Participate:
We'll be setting up announcements each day ingame, which will tell you which Achievement you will need to accomplish to obtain your special gift. And not to worry, if you've already obtained the achievement, we'll still mail you a gift!*

* Achievements obtained Sun-Thurs will be sent out the following day, those obtained Fri or Sat will be distributed the following Monday.

Week 1 (7/25-7/31) Ancient Caracha Gasha Box.

*This event is designed for accounts that play the game, not for accounts created to exploit this event. We will be checking for falsified information. Devices found creating multiple fake account will result in suspension. A finite # of accounts can be created from a single device before they are flagged for investigation. If too many are created all accounts associated to the device are suspended automatically. There will be no warnings.

Look out for messages containing the Achievement Challenge of the Day!

Begins: July 25th 2012
Ends: August 31st 2012