Sunflower Event

In the world of Dragon Saga, there is a tale that once you help a sunflower bloom, you'll gain an item which will bring you happiness! From July 25th- August 7th, Clitea[Sunflower Event] NPC will be patienctly waiting in the center of Port of Winds for any hero who wishes to grow their own Golden Sunflower!

Golden Sunflower Seeds can be obtained from collecting silver coins (world monster drops) and redeeming them at the vending machine in Port of Winds. The Sunflower pet will grow like any other pet and will require you to visit the Amy the pet vendor for certain upgrades (a pop up will appear when the Pet has reached the appropreate level).

These fully grown Sunflowers can be returned to Clitea[Sunflower Event], for a special Achievement "A fantastic summer day", in addition, once per day you can raise a Sunflower to turn into Clitea for a special Summer Festival giftbox, which may contain a piece of a special Sunflower costume!

Begins: July 25th 12:01am PDT
Ends: August 7th 12:01am PDT