A Soulcrafting Goodtime

Soulcrafting imbues the item with Soul Force that increases the grade of the item. Each grade increases the strength and value of the item. However the large amounts of Souls and Insurance needed to make an item to Artifact or even Legendary can take quite a while to grind for. So this week(6/13-6/19), Soulcraft any equiptment to Special or better, and we'll return all Souls, Enchant Insurance, and Reinforcement Enchant Insurances you have spent on that item.* In additonal each item you Soulcraft between Special- Legendary we will enter you into a raffle to win a Special Enchanting Package!

How to Participate:
-Soulcraft an item during the event period to Special or better*
-During maintenance 6/19, we'll be returning all Souls and Insurance scrolls used to enchant that item.

-Each item upgraded this way will also enter the account into a raffle to receive the following:

Special Enchanting Package(OVER A $50 Value):
-100x Enchant Insurance Scrolls
-20x Reinforcement Enchant Insurance Scrolls
-10x Artifact Enchant Runestones
-10x Special Enchant Runestones

-One Lucky winner will be choosen during maintenance.

Our Lucky winner is : giovito

*Item does not need to begin at regular, item can be any level range but must follow two specifications -Item must be soulcrafted during event period -Item must upgraded to between Special-Legendary during the event period. Yes an item that is Special prior to event but upgraded to Artifact or Legendary during the event period is eligible.

Begins: June 13th 12:01am PDT
Ends: June 19th 11:59pm PDT