New Character Bonus Event

There is no time better than now to create a new character or level an existing character! Between May 16th and May 29th level a character to be entered into a Raffle to win up to 7000 DS Points for free! As an added bonus we'll also be giving away free enchanting items and dust just for reaching the levels labeled below!

Each week we'll be choosing 60 winners and at the very end we'll choose 1 Grand Prize winner!

Raffle Prize:
Week 1(5/16-5/22)*: 10x 1000 DS Points/50x 500 DS Points
Week 2(5/23-5/29)*: 10x 1000 DS Points/50x 500 DS Points
Grand Prize: 1x5000 DS Points

Bonus Item: Just for leveling a character to the levels below, you'll recieve a gift in the mail!**
Lv.25- 1 Soul Box
Lv.31- 1 Soul Box/200 Armor Enchant Dust
Lv.41- 2 Soul Box/400 Armor Enchant Dust/200 Weapon Enchant Dust
Total Possible: 4 Soul Boxes, 600 Armor Enchant Dust, and 200 Weapon Dust for leveling to 41.

Here's how it works:
-Create a new character on existing account or level a pre-existing character that was level 20 or below before the start of the event.
-Play the account to the levels on the chart below for Raffle Entry
Lv.25~30= 1 Entry into raffle
Lv.31~40= 2 Entries into raffle
Lv.41+ = 3 Entries into raffle
-Bonus Item Automatically mailed to account upon reaching level requirement.
-Raffles will be done weekly (during maintenance) on Tuesday while Grand Prize to be awarded at the end of the event period.

Want more Raffle Entries?
-During the event period each purchase of W-Coins will count as an extra entry.
(1) W-coin= 1 Entry
(5) W-Coin= 5 Entries
(10) W-Coin= 10 Entries.

*Raffle entries from the first week will carry over to the second week. Players are eligible to win each week and the grand prize. The more entries the better your chances of winning. **Bonus applies to all characters created before and during the event, when reaching each level requirement.

Begins: May 16th 12:01am PDT
Ends: May 29th 11:59pm PDT