Easter Eggstravaganza!

Everyone’s favorite holiday involving the ever impossible Rabbit eggs is back! From April 4th though May 2nd, chocolate will definitely on everyone’s mind, and hopefully filling your bags as well.

HP and MP Gasha boxes filled with goodies will be given out daily! Staying logged in will earn each character Chocolate Rabbits which can be consumed for recovering HP/MP or you can exchange them for exclusive Easter themed accessories, new riding pets, and other Eggcellent consumable buffs!

There will be other ways to earn Chocolate Rabbits including daily OX quizzes and random GM giveaways.

New Easter Costumes will be added to the BigWheel/Mixboard and Easter Pet Gacha Boxes which have a chance to contain all new Riding Petswill be added to the Item Mall!

Begins: April 4th Midnight
Ends: May 2nd Maintenance