Gravity Anniversary and St. Patrick's Day Celebration

9 Years ago this weekend Gravity Interactive(that's us!) first opened up their first office in Marina Del Rey, California. This weekend also marks the special world famous Irish Holiday St. Patrick's Day. In commemoration of both awesome holidays we've got a weekend full of events!

Happy Hours
Each day from 4pm-9pm PDT Friday, Mar. 16th - Monday, Mar. 19th, Enjoy 2x EXP!

St.Patrick's Day Sale
We're putting a ton of items on sale for a limited time. Check the item mall and the St. Patrick's Day tab to see whats on sale.

OX Quiz
We've set up a special St. Patrick/ Gravity Anniversary themed OX quiz. Take the quiz and win some coins for answering them! Answer two correct and you'll win 1 Balloon Voucher, make it through all 5 and win a St. Patrick's Day balloon.

Quizzes will occur Friday-Sunday 5am/10am/3pm/5pm/10pm PDT

Begins: 3/15/2012 5pm PDT
Ends: 3/20/2012 Midnight PDT