A Call to Arms and Point Transfer Event

A Call to Arms

The Dragon Fellowship is recruiting more heroes than ever. The world of Dragon Saga is still filled with much evil, and there is no one more equipped to deal with the darkness than them. From January 18th 2012 – January 31st, training or hunting on Channel 1 will give heroes level 1-40 a greater bonus than ever before!

Channel 1 bonus for level 1-40:
• Physical/Magical Defense +100%, HP 100%, MP +100%, EXP +100%
• Upon Character Creation: 1x +10[Normal] Darksoul weapon & +10 Underground Graveyard armors Top/Bottom

Answer the Call to Arms and join the fight against the Darkness!

UPDATED: From February 1st- February 14th players will receive special giftboxes for leveling:
-Level to 30 and receive an Enchant Giftbox
(one per acccount) • 15 Weapon Enchant Dust
• 30 Armor Enchant Dust
• 10 Enchant Insurance
• 10 Regular Enchant Stones

-Level to 40 and Change jobs to receive(one per job class):
• Lv. 40 Chaotic Armor set (6 pieces)[Class dependent]
Soul Crafting Giftbox
• 2 Soul Boxes
• 16 Enchant Insurances
• 10 Regular Soul Craft Stones
Begins: 1/18/2012(After Maintenance)
Ends: 2/14/2012 (Maintenance)

Point Transfer Event

For each transfer of 1000pts or more during week to receive bonus item during maintenance.

o Jan 17th – Feb 14th: (2) Box of Souls (999each)

Free items will be distributed within 5 business days of purchase!