DS MyCrib [MyHome Edition]


DS MyCrib [MyHome Edition]

We all know the Dragon Saga celebrities that hang around town, from the top PvPers to the famous guild leaders we all know and love. But there is always one question, how are these celebrities living? What is there home life like? Most importantly what does their MyHome look like?

Now is your chance to show off your MyHome and win great prizes while bragging!

How To Participate:
-Purchase a MyHome ingame (NPC Jesse)
-Furnish your MyHome (either Item Mall and/or Ingame drops)
-Take a Screenshot.
- Create a thread in this section of the forums and post the screenshot (in subject include Character name)
-Describe your MyHome and Items in it. (Make sure to list all furniture and items included in screenshot.
-Dragon Saga team will judge all the entries.
-5 Lucky Winners will win the title of DS MyCrib Designers of the Year!

How Winners will be chosen:
-Style/Presentation (is it too cluttered, do the colors clash?)
-Description Creativity (be creative, don't just list your items, try to introduce with style)

Expansion Permit (320x320)
White Christmas Tree (Perm)
White Christmas Fireplace(Perm)

So off your stylish MyCrib and win great prizes.

Begins: 12/27/2011
Ends: 1/10/2012 10:00pm PST

*Prizes will be handed out the day after the event ends.