Put a Ring on It! Event!

We asked you to watch your head, we even asked you to watch your back, this time we're telling you to put a ring on it! We've received a surplus shipment of all kinds of rings and wings to the point we are just giving them away! Well, giving away the wings anyhow...The rings are extremely powerful so we cant just give them away to anyone, you're gonna have to put some work in! Upgrade your wings and send it in to get some awesome ring!

And remember in the words of Beyonce: If you like, then you shoulda put a ring on it....

Details: Each day, we will be mailing all characters 1 Vella Wings. With these Vella Wings, you can choose to upgrade them, trade them to your friends, or just keep them to wear.

If you want to upgrade them, here's what you would get:
  • +10-14 - You will have the option to trade them in for
    • a. 5 Soul Boxes

*Choices are:
-Solar (ATK/MATK)
-Stellar (Max HP/MP)
-Lunar (DEF/MDEF)
To trade in your item, please do the following:
  • - Go to your nearest mailbox
  • - Compose Mail and send it to:
  • - Attach your upgraded Vella Wings
  • - Make sure to state which ring you are trading for if you have a choice.(if no option is given you will receive a Solar ring)
  • - In 1-2 Business Days you’ll get a mail back containing your prizes!

Begins: Dec 8th 12:01am PST
Ends: Dec 15th Noon PST