Happy Hour Bonus and more!

So first off we would like to thank you all for your patience during our 24+Hour IDC move. We know it must have been tough, not having your favorite title ready to play when you are. In honor of your awesomeness (yeah i said awesomeness) we'll be making all Happy Hours remaining in October 2x EXP!

That's not all, we'll also be having Happy Hours ALL WEEKEND LONG! As an even bigger bonus, during the Happy Hour periods we'll also be selling 90%EXP Potions(2Hour) for 150pts!

So to recap:
-2x EXP Happy Hours everyday 10/27-10/31 from 4pm-9pm PST.
-And 90% EXP Potions on Sale during Happy Hours for 150pts.

Also on Sale between 12pm-9pm Daily, Hastur's Soul Collection Box and Hastur's Mini Soul Collection Box, so stock up on Souls while you can!

Begins: 10/19 12pm PST
Ends: 10/31 5pm PST