Halloween Hauntings 2011


Halloween Hauntings are happening all over Dragon Saga! Towns have all decorated their streets and buildings with pumpkins and skeletons. Special cut outs are spread around Port of Winds, so you and your friends can play dress up and take awesome screenshots!

Randy the Ghost NPC has appeared in Port of Winds and needs your help! Visit him and join in on the Halloween Festivities! Collect special items for him throughout the day to help everyone get a special 2 hour buff from 6pm-8pm PDT! The more you collect, the better the buff! Get candies, and ghost balloons for completing his quests, complete enough and you'll even earn a special Halloween Achievement!

The BigWheel and MixBoard are also getting into the holiday spirit offering the Dragonkins and Humans all new costumes such as Voodoo Doll, Luminant Bat, Halloween Ghost, Frankenstein, as well as some old favorites! Pick up some W-Coins from the Item Mall and see what fun costumes you can win! New Halloween Weapons are also available for direct sale from the Item Mall for the ultra-low price of 300pts. Also on sale are all new Halloween Riding Pet boxes for only 200pts.

Start your adventure at your friendly neighborhood Randy NPC in Port of Winds.

Begins: 10/17/2011
Ends: 11/08/2011.